Do you have a patio or outdoor area that is affected by weather? The answer may be a SlideTrack awning. Slidetrack awnings are a vertical awning where the fabric is held in place by tracks on the sides. SlideTracks are great for outdoor areas as they can give you protection from the sun and rain when you need it and roll away neatly when not required.

The main benefit of SlideTracks is that fabric is held in place with specially designed tracks. These tracks allow the fabric to be held in neatly place so the the fabric does not blow out the sides. This is a major advantage over other systems where over time the fabric can become stretched and unsightly from being blown out of the tracks. The tracks on the side also allow for the perfect amount of tension to be applied to the awning so that it looks great in any position.

The operation of SlideTracks are also extremely easy. The most popular way to operate a SlideTrack is by way of a crank handle. The crank handle is inserted into the top of the awning and is used to wind the blind up or down. The user can stop the fabric at any position without need to lock the bottom rail or fabric into place.

SlideTracks can also be motorised, which makes them even easier to use by way of a remote control. To operate the Awning all the user has to do is either push up or down on the remote control. There is also a stop button which allows the awning to be stopped in any position. With a motorised SlideTrack, predetermined limits are put in place so the Awning will stop in the same position at the top and the bottom each time. This takes away any chance of the blind being damaged by being overwound.


Screens Plus is your local manufacturer of SlideTrack awnings on the Sunshine Coast. If you would like us to come to your home or business and show you the benefits of SlideTracks please call John on 5448 6841.