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Sunshine Coast Fly Screens and Security Screens

Screens Plus are Sunshine Coast fly screen installation experts, trusted by countless locals to install high-quality fly screens and security screens for homes and businesses. Our team has over 30 years of experience in installing durable and protective fly screens and we have product offerings catering to any budget with a fleet of options to suit your tastes.

In addition to standard fly screens, we install other types of mesh including:

  • Child-proof Mesh
  • Paw / Pet-proof Mesh
  • Midge Mesh
  • Security Screens

We offer obligation-free quotes and our experienced installers can bring in samples to show you the features of all our products in person. Please give us a call on (07) 5448 6841 to arrange for a measure and quote from one of our team.

Paw-proof Mesh:

Paw-proof mesh does just what the name says: protects your fly mesh from getting pulled apart by your dog or cat. Whether you’ve got a furry friend that just can’t help itself, or a hungry dog that scratches at the door as soon as you get home, you won’t have to worry about getting your mesh replaced every few years. Our paw-proof mesh is a stronger, flexible version of standard fly screen mesh designed to hold up to rips and tears much more effectively. It’s just as visible and fly-proof as normal fly screen and we recommend all pet owners have it installed on their back doors. Why not pair your new mesh with a high-quality pet door as well?

Child-proof Mesh:

It is now required by law for openable windows on multi-storeyed structures to have a screen to protect accidental falls. Rather than fork out extra for a security screen that has no security purpose, or risk using a standard fly mesh not designed to hold weight, we recommend using a specially designed child-proof mesh. Child-proof mesh is stronger and will prevent accidental falls through open windows, but it doesn’t cost near as much as security screens.

Security Screens:

Looking for something that offers the same insect protection and resistance to pets as a standard fly screen but with enhanced security? Our range of Secureview stainless-steel security screens, designed with highly-adhesive VHM tape absorbs high impact forces and prevents corrosion. Do without the obstructed views of Diamond Grille but sacrifice none of the security. See our page on Secureview security screens for further information.

Sunshine Coast Fly Screens and Security Screens

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